General Information

Money & Exchanging Currency

In Germany, most people still pay by cash when they go out, and many smaller cafes, restaurants etc. do not accept debit or credit cards. It is a good idea to have some Euros in hand.

There is a currency exchange at Bonn HBF (Bonn central station), but the exchange rate is not very good.

We recommend either using bank machines to take Euros out from your credit or debit card or exchange money at your local bank.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is excellent in Germany, and although most places are in walking distance in Bonn, you may want to consider travelling to nearby areas.

Passengers are required to purchase a ticket before entering trains, but can purchase tickets on busses (exact change is recommended, but not necessary) and on most metros (U-Bahn). We recommend getting your tickets at the central station kiosks. Single journey and day tickets are available, and are valid on all busses, trams, U-bahn and regional trains within the designated area. Click this link for information on the public transportation system.

Valid tickets must be held by passengers. Tickets can be randomly checked by public transport officers at any given time during the journey. If a passenger does not have a valid ticket, he/she must pay 40 Euros or the cost of the journey, whichever is more expensive.


Sunday in the NRW is considered a ‘Ruhetag’. Most importantly grocery stores and most shops are closed on this day. Any work such as loud construction work or other noisy or disturbing tasks are strongly discouraged and sometimes forbidden on Sunday (e.g., glass recycle bins, which are available in public areas, are not allowed to be used at night or on Sunday).

Although some museums and restaurants are open every day, many typically choose to close on Monday. Make sure to check the opening times if you are planning any visits to tourist attractions.