Nearby Bonn

  • Drachenburg Castle, Königswinter

Bonn is an ideal central point for exploring the Rhineland. To the South, you can hike around the Siebengebirge, where you can take-in the amazing views of the Rhine and the town of Königswinter from the castle Drachenburg. A 30 minute train ride to the North takes you to the most populous city in the state, Cologne. Famous for its giant cathedral (Kölner Dom) and Karneval, a 5 day celebration of costumes, candy, and Kölsch*, the city has plenty to offer. Further to the West is the Eifel region; here you can explore the picturesque hill country and the iconic half-timbered houses. Between Cologne and Bonn is the town of Brühl, which boasts two UNESCO World Hertage sites.

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*Kölsch– A German dialect of the Cologne region and the local specialty beer, which has a protected geographical indication.





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