Presentation Guidelines


Poster Presentation Guidelines



Posters must be oriented in portrait style. The poster boards are 1m x 2m, and we recommend a poster size of A0.
We will provide adhesive tape to attach posters to poster boards.

Keep in mind when creating your poster that there should be a balance between images and text. Posters should be readable from a distance of around 1 meter (3 feet).

Those students who are to be considered for the student poster prize will be given a sticker to mark their posters as prize contenders.


Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations are a total of 15 minutes (12 minute talk + 3 minute discussion).

We ask that all presenters take care to adhere to the time limits of their presentations so that we keep on schedule.

We will have a computer ready with Microsoft Powerpoint 13 and Adobe Reader. Presentations should be prepared as pptx, ppt, or pdf, available on a USB stick.

Presentations must be uploaded the day of your scheduled presentation (Between 8-9AM or during lunch break).

If you would prefer to use Mac OSX, please contact us ( and, depending on interest, we may be able to provide a Mac as an alternative.

Those students who are to be considered for the student oral presentation prize are asked to add a line on their title page stating “Student Oral Presentation Prize”.

Student Presentation Prizes

Oral Presentation Prize = 250 Euros

Poster Presentation Prize = 250 Euros

Student prizes for outstanding poster and oral presentation will be judged based on quality and significance of the scientific content as well as quality of the presentation (e.g. visual appeal and presenter’s ability to effectively convey content). We will announce prize winners on the last day at the conference dinner, July 5. Prizes will be given as cash (in Euros).