Field Trip

The ISPH 2015 Field Trip will take place July 6 – 7, departing early from Bonn and ending in Opole, Poland. We welcome all those who want to experience the beautiful German landscape and, of course, famous fossil localities!
For those wishing to attend both ISPH and EAVP, this field trip is an ideal way to travel to Poland.

Please note changes made to the second stop of the field trip!

There will be two major stops on route to Opole, Poland. The first stop will be M√ľnchehagen Dinosaurier Park, where you can discover, among other finds, dinosaur tracks and the dwarf sauropod Europasaurus.
The second stop will be Chemnitz, an exceptionally preserved late Permian petrified forest.
We will be overnighting in Limbach-Oberfrohna, a small town, famous for the Castle Wolkenburg, built in the 12th century.

***Click here for the detailed itinerary***

Fees: 100 Euros per person (includes accommodation, transportation and access to localities. Food not included).
Payment is due April 15, 2015.