Lab Tour and Core Drill Demo

To complement the workshops and troubleshooting sessions lead by Ellen-Therese Lamm, we are additionally offering a lab tour and core drilling demonstration. We hope this will provide ample opportunity to discuss and compare the different techniques and methods from different labs from around the world.

Lab Tour with preparator Olaf Dülfer

Our in-house preparator, Olaf Dülfer, will give a lab tour following the advanced workshop (5 PM Thursday, July 2), focusing on the materials and techniques used in the Bonn paleohistology group.
Those who are interested can meet at the entrance of the Paleontology Building (Nussallee 8, rear building) at 5 PM. We can accommodate up to 15 people at a time in the lab. No registration is needed; tour will be held on first come, first serve basis.

Core Drilling Demo

Friday, July 3, (6-8PM), in addition to the trouble shooting session held by Ellen-Therese Lamm, we will also set-up the core drill for a demo, for anyone interested. 
The troubleshooting session and core drilling demo will take place in the Labor and Übungsraum, Paleontology Building (Nussallee 8, rear building).